September 14, 2014

Double Decker Music Series


Photo by Dawn Riddle

Photo: Dawn Riddle

Noun, aka Marissa Paternoster is an artist and musician from Elizabeth, New Jersey.  She currently makes a living writing, recording, and performing in the band Screaming Females.

Rat Catching

rat catching

Rat Catching, aka Jennifer Melinn, gathers her inspiration from the darker, twisted sides of synth and a deep seeded love of horror films. Using her complete lack of musical training to her advantage, she manages to confidently piece together unpredictable noises and sounds to create satisfyingly full layers of drone, distortion and measured cacophony. Her work has been described as having a nasty edge, and as “slow-roasted, doomsday synth action that—if there’s any justice—will be playing when the world slowly, painfully disappears into a black hole.”