Download this, put on some headphones, go outside and take your own tour! I made you a mix, dear Double Decker Music Series supporter: Everything Is Cool.

I hope these 65 continuous minutes of juxtaposed songs and sounds create a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. I want this mix to color your experience as you walk around Philadelphia or elsewhere….or even just color your bedroom ceiling as you lie still , if that’s where you best like to listen to things. As with the bus series, I want these sounds and the sights around you to interact serendipitously.

These are anxious times. Often things feels doomy and apocalyptic, but walking around with headphones on listening to a good mix has always made me feel better. Perhaps it makes you feel better too?

These days we seem to ask each other a lot: “how you doing?” We’re so overwhelmed with just getting through, maybe we don’t know what else to say? When I get asked that question, I often don’t want to delve into the caustic loop of COVID, climate change, threats to abortion access, systemic racism, and capitalist catastrophe in my mind. So I’ll say “everything is cool.” Inside though I’m screaming those words like a wreck at the edge of disintegration, just like Vanessa Briscoe Hay does in the opening song of this mix .

That “everything is cool” dichotomy was the jumping off point for the mix and I built it up from there. I hope it resonates with you.

I recommend a “blind ears” 1st listen without looking at the song list below. Genre-wise, it’s all over the place, but it makes perfect sense to me. Afterwards you should buy some stuff from the individual artists! I provided bandcamp links where they apply.

The cover art is a picture I snapped of the Ida-flooded Schuylkill River looking towards the South St, Bridge on September 2nd.

1) [Sebastian, darkly- Tapeslide Interlude segment 1 20210830]
2) Pylon- Cool (Razz Tape version 1979)
3) [Tapeslide Interlude segment 2]
4) Kacey Musgraves- if this was a movie (2021)
5) Low- All Night (2021)
6) Kali Uchis & Jhay Cortez- la luz (Fin) (2020)
7) [Tapeslide Interlude segment 3]
8) Trinity- Three Piece Suit (1975)
9) [Tapeslide Interlude segment 4]
10) poolblood- I’m Sorry (2019)
11) José Gutiérrez & Los Hermanos Ochoa- El Cascabel (2003)
12) Led Zeppelin- Kashmir outro (live 1977.05.28 Capital Centre)
13) Mary Jane Girls- All Night Long (1983)
14) Sonny Sharrock- Promises Kept (1991)
15) Stormshadow- Glitter (2000)
16) Sonny Sharrock- Promises Kept pt. 2 (1991)
17) Tanya Morgan- Boots and Practice (2021)
18) Up Front- Distance (1990)
19) [Tapeslide Interlude segment 5]
20) The Dream Syndicate- That’s What You Always Say (1982)
21) The Ventures- Diamond Head (1964)
22) Fairport Convention- Matty Groves (1969)
23) Slayer- Metal Storm/Face The Slayer (1983)
24) [Tapeslide Interlude segment 6]
25) Activity- Text The Dead (2021)