June 24, 2018

Double Decker Music Series

About the Performers

Travis Johnson

Celebrated Brooklyn band Grooms have always involved loops, samples, and ambient abstraction in their music, especially on last year’s Exit Index. Lead singer and guitarist, Travis Johnson, will be performing a set based primarily around those elements, with song structure and melody taking a backseat to mood and texture.

Hallowed Bells

Darkly bioluminescent dreamscapes and lush electronic pop by Philadelphia-based synthesists Darian Scatton and Alison Stout. Guided by an approach to synthesis as orchestration, they create immersive, otherworldly music that balances lovely lyrical melodies and dissonant harmonies, modular synth noise and delicate digital textures; strange melodic twists that lend sweetness to dissonant intervals and thickly enveloping analog washes that bloom in amplitude. Since their formation in 2013. Hallowed Bells has worked on music for independent theater and film, released three EPs, toured and performed frequently in Philadelphia.