I get the feeling sometimes that folks rarely check websites anymore, with all updates instead coming from social media. Still it’s been so long since I’ve posted here, I figured I’d say “hi.” It’s me, Sebastian Petsu, the main person behind DDMS. I’m healthy and have stayed relatively sane despite the obvious challenges. The rest of the core team that’s helped put on past shows— Bob Sweeney, Scott Troyan, Maria T, Andy Thierauf and Dustin Hurt are also alive and well.

Some people have asked me when the Double Decker Music Series will start back up, and I’ll respond here honestly: I don’t know when or even IF we’ll host any more DDMS events. I definitely want to err on the side of caution when it comes to COVID safety. Safe small-scale outdoor live events seem a very real possibility for the summer but potential restrictions don’t work well with the layout of the bus. We really can’t have any “distancing” on the top of bus. To make sure everyone gets fairly paid and to create a proper atmosphere, the DDMS needs every available seat to be filled. So it feels uncertain that we could host bus events in a sustainable way.

Also, even before the pandemic hit I was thinking that perhaps it was time to wrap up the DDMS. After hosting 44 different sonic sets in the span of 22 evening over the course of 7 years I asked myself “has the series achieved all it can?” And I started to think that maybe it had.

So the TDLR version is I currently have no plans to put on any double decker events in 2021. As for 2022 and beyond, who knows? All of this is subject to change and there could possibly be spin-off events put on under the DDMS umbrella.

If there’s any news about upcoming events, it will be posted here and first sent to email subscribers.

Be well. Stay safe. Stay creative.