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Photos from DDMS 16 are now up

See a little of the magic! that happened on the bus top with Tether and Jo Nelson. Thanks, Scott!

Check out Scott Troyan’s photos from DDMS 15

Check ’em out! Thanks, Scott!

Thanks everyone for a great night on the bus

September’s DDMS with Tether & Jo Nelson (aka Ashley Tini) is now SOLD OUT too!

Check out Scott Troyan’s photos from DDMS 14!

Check ’em out! Thanks, Scott!

Thanks everyone for a great night on the bus and at Monumental Plaza beneath Isamu Noguchi massive “Lightning Bolt” sculpture.

August’s DDMS with Settled Arrows & Shinjoo Cho is SOLD OUT and only a handful of tickets remain for September’s DDMS with Tether & Jo Nelson (aka Ashley Tini) is now SOLD OUT too!

2017 DDMS announced! Tickets on sale now!

It’s time for our next season of mobile bus top adventures!

We’re teaming up with Bowerbird to host a series of 3 Double Decker Music events this summer.

more info and tickets available here:

Video for DDMS 11 now posted!

Well worth the wait. Here’s Bob Sweeney’s footage of the final DDMS event of 2016 with Moor Mother and OutsideOutsiders.

Stay tuned for announcements about our 2017 series of bus concerts. Sign up for the email list to be the first to know.

Video for DDMS 13 now posted!

Do you remember the 18th night of September?…Well you can go back again!

Soak in the sounds of Emily Bate & Kilamanzego and learn about the lost details of the time Philadelphians booed Santa Claus in 1968…

Bingo Fundraiser this Saturday for Bowerbird (co-presenter of the DDMS)

Join us! $25 gets you in, gets you snacks and some bingo cards with a chance to win sweet prizes including a signed copy of Bruce Springsteen’s memoir. DDMS’ own Sebastian Petsu will be DJing throughout the night. Allen Crawford will host and call the bingo. There’ll also be performances by Ashley Tini, Laura Baird, Bhob Rainey. And as a bonus you’ll get to check out the sweet mid-century modern sanctuary of the Lutheran church that’s right next to I-House which’ll be the B-bird’s new base of operations. Bowerbird Philly has been such a positive force in my life, providing me with a decade of out-there sounds and helping to fund my ongoing pride and joy: the Double Decker Music Series. Please come out and have some fun and help them to keep on keepin’ on.

Videos for DDMS 12 now posted!

Flash back from the cold uncertainty of Autumn to a brilliant hope-filled August night of music and historical narration!

Check out Bob Sweeney’s great videos of DDMS12 with Vessna Scheff + Koofreh Umoren & JNPR and also learn about the time that the world’s largest wastebasket graced the lawn outside Independence Hall…


WRTI has been a long-time favorite among the DDMS team, so we were honored to be featured in a radio piece by David Patrick Stearns covering DDMS 12. Featuring some live audio and interviews.

Check out Scott Troyan’s photos from DDMS12

Check ’em out! Thanks, Scott!

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