Ease those COVID 19 anxieties with some DDMS 20. Finally, HERE is Bob Sweeney’s video featuring Ursula Rucker and Madam Data from July 2019– a seemingly distant time when we felt comfortable sitting on a bus with our bare shoulders touching friends and strangers. The rough sound, born out of some technical difficulties, is sort of a blessing-in-disguise. It gives the home viewer a more “you’re almost there” experience than ever before, with all the sounds of the bus and the city bleeding in. You can almost smell the diesel fumes! And in these cooped up distanced times, it’s sort of refreshing.

Madam Data’s electronics are a meditation and Ursula Ruckers’s poem is a celebration of this flawed yet beautiful city, made up of so many of us.

We’re gonna make it through.

Keep loving. Keep fighting. And WASH YOUR HANDS.